Teen Who Inspired 'It's My Party' Speaks After Lesley Gore's Passing

Following Monday's sad news about the passing of Lesley Gore, Judy Solash (née Gottlieb)—a woman who, as a teen in 1963, threw a tantrum that inspired her father, a restaurant owning, songwriting hobbyist, to write "It's My Party"—talked about the party meltdown that led to one of Gore's biggest radio hits. »2/18/15 6:10pm2/18/15 6:10pm

Talented Fools Tap Dancing to Cups Will Make You Smile Like an Idiot

Of course by fools, I mean JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE. I mean, I fell down twice today just by walking. I don't know if it's the theater dork in me, but I can't turn away. Excuse me while I attempt to pull off this routine — if there are no other posts tonight, call the paramedics or just let me… »10/21/13 8:30pm10/21/13 8:30pm

Here’s Why TLC Passed on Recording ‘...Baby One More Time’

In an alternate universe, Superman landed on the outskirts of Mexico City and went on to become a super-powered club promoter called Los Ojos Calientes, Golden Girls was called Golden Guys, Steve Urkel was a Swedish exchange student no one in the Winslow family could understand, TLC recorded “...Baby One More Time,”… »10/19/13 5:00pm10/19/13 5:00pm