Celebrities Attend Movie Premiere, Sport Afternoon Wedding Attire

Last night's premiere of the rom-com Something Borrowed at Grauman's Chinese Theater was a veritable who's who of Hollywood—in that you hear these people's names and you're like, "Who?" Anyway, most looked like they were dressed to attend the wedding of someone they didn't particularly care enough for, which is kind… »5/04/11 10:40am5/04/11 10:40am

The Trailer For Something Borrowed May Look Vaguely Familiar

Wait… Kate Hudson is getting married? We haven't seen that movie before! Heh. In June of last year, we read the script of Something Borrowed, a cliché-laden screenplay based on the novel by Emily Giffin. Kate Hudson, the blond, is bubbly and confident, as blonds are mandated to be in romcoms; Ginnifer Goodwin, the… »4/15/11 11:15am4/15/11 11:15am