Pharrell Williams Talks About Being a Cooch Man, Getting His Period

Attractive talented person Pharrell Williams talks with Bravos' HBiC Andy Cohen about how much he loves the cooch. It's pretty great except for that whole "turn around and show us your ass" part, which made me want to barf-cry. Also, Andy Cohen, stop talking about asses now and forever, please. Overall, adorable, and… »11/11/12 11:55pm11/11/12 11:55pm


Look, PMS Makes You Moody, Not Completely Fucking Incompetent

As a feminist, period-haver, and combination bitchy loud-mouth/soft-hearted doormat, I have a complicated relationship with PMS. On the one hand, fuuuuuuuck PMS! The idea that my moods, which arise from my incredibly complex, stressful, dynamic life, can be reduced to some hormonal flux at the whim of my reproductive… »10/16/12 6:00pm10/16/12 6:00pm