Elle Decor Goes Inside John "The Player" Mayer's Loft

The September issue of Elle Decor goes where many women have gone before: John Mayer's bedroom. What does it look like where the magic happens? » 8/18/09 12:00pm 8/18/09 12:00pm

Let's Do The Twist

Attention New Yorkers and fans of Ferris Bueller's Day Off » 8/14/08 9:40am 8/14/08 9:40am: Artist Mina Karimi is looking for at least 100 "agents" to the iconic "Twist and Shout" parade scene from for a large-scale performance art piece during the Deitch Art Parade in SoHo on September 6th. The agents will be planted in the parade audience and…

Bohemian rhapsody.

Hi! I'm Jasmine! Of course I am. I'm positively gamine! And fey! And not nearly as adorable as I think I am, which is quite a lot actually. Look at my hair, it's lovely isn't it. I like fashion too. Dead animals make me sad. » 6/15/06 10:17am 6/15/06 10:17am