Elena Kagan, Softball, And The Lesbian Label

Like attending a women's college, drinking beer from the bottle, and having sex with other women, softball has long been recognized as a sure sign of homosexuality. "If you play, you're probably gay," clarifies the L.A. Times. » 6/03/10 10:00am 6/03/10 10:00am

"One Of Feminism's Stickiest Subjects": The Sports Question

Writes Judy Berman in Salon, "Although women's bodies can do incredible, unique things of their own (childbirth, anyone?), men seem to have a biological advantage when it comes to feats of strength and speed." But of course it's more complicated: » 8/25/09 7:00pm 8/25/09 7:00pm

Retro Sports Style: The Haircuts & Smiles Were As Uneven As A Gym…

We think everyone can agree that it's been an amazing two weeks of the Olympic games: Michael, Usain, Rebecca, Nastia, Shelly-Ann, Dita, Valerie, Kerri and others have both entertained and awed. And even though the games are just about four days away from ending, and the major news networks are already running (and … » 8/21/08 12:00pm 8/21/08 12:00pm

Golden Girls: Dione Meier

Canada's Dione Meier delivers a pitch during the third inning against the US in their women's preliminary softball game at the Fengtai softball field during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on August 14, 2008. The game was stopped for a second time in the third inning due to the heavy rain causing a delay. AFP PHOTO /… » 8/14/08 9:50am 8/14/08 9:50am

Diamond Girls Show Teen Spirit • Barbara Walters Admits To Affair

Girls' softball team comes to aid of injured opposing player; warms hearts nationwide. • Army woman given Silver Star for valor in combat; removed from Army camp because of gender ineligibility for said combat. • Suburb in Chile gives free Viagra to horny seniors. • Shocker: Men have varying sexual turn-ons. •… » 5/01/08 5:30pm 5/01/08 5:30pm