Rand Paul: Socialist Bernie Sanders Probably Isn't Going to Kill Millions of People, I Guess 

Nothing stokes the fires of Senator Rand Paul’s righteous, curly indignation like socialism, which he thinks is bad, and— this is true— unsexy. But he admits that democratic socialist Bernie Sanders probably won’t go on a killing spree, unlike, say, Stalin. But can... we... be... sure? »11/16/15 6:10pm11/16/15 6:10pm


Christine O'Donnell Asked to Define Marxism, Inane Floundering Ensues

Soledad O'Brien has just about broken the on a roll sound barrier over the last couple of weeks. For most TV journalists, getting Romney mouthpiece John Sununu Rumpelstiltskin-level mad and then reducing Tim Pawlenty to asking her if she understood English would be enough to coast on Gabby Douglas interviews for the… »8/20/12 6:50pm8/20/12 6:50pm

Introducing Peta Lindsay, Your Young, Black, Female Presidential Candidate

Peta Lindsay is 27 years old and running for president. She represents the PSL — Party for Socialism and Liberation — and believes that we could experience a socialist revolution right here in Amurrica: "The United States has a long, rich history of struggle," she says. "From the 1930s, there was a strong labor… »2/17/12 4:00pm2/17/12 4:00pm

Everyone — Even Jack Cafferty — Ends Up Disappointing

  • Cudmudgeonly uncle-anchor Jack Cafferty has disappointed millions of women everywhere by saying, "Viagra is used to treat a medical condition, erectile dysfunction. Birth control is a lifestyle choice," when discussing John McCain's little birth control gaffe. Jack, sweetie, birth control pills do treat medical…
  • »7/18/08 6:30pm7/18/08 6:30pm

Spain's First Female Defense Minister Is 7 Months Preggers & Causing Controversy

Spain's pinko prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has just begun his second term, and his commitment to gender parity in government is unparalleled: For the first time, women outnumber men 9 to 8 in the Spanish cabinet. Even more revolutionary is the fact that Spain's first female defense minister, Carme… »4/16/08 9:30am4/16/08 9:30am

Note to all you socialists out there: Best not criticize capitalism on television while wearing a Gu

Note to all you socialists out there: Best not criticize capitalism on television while wearing a Gucci and Louis Vuitton outfit. Case in point: Venezualan Minister of the Interior Pedro Carreno, who did just that and was then left speechless when a reporter called him out on it. Best of all, the event was captured on… »12/17/07 6:50pm12/17/07 6:50pm