Us Editor Claims Women Want Covers That Exploit Female Celebs

As reported earlier, while the media squashed a druggy video of Heath Ledger "out of respect for the family," a clip of Amy Winehouse smoking crack was widely distributed. And according to the New York Times, when Owen Wilson was hospitalized in August, he appeared on the cover of Us Weekly once; Britney Spears went… » 2/18/08 3:00pm 2/18/08 3:00pm

Newsflash! Hotties Do Not Hang With Notties

No doubt you knew this already, but Paris Hilton's new flick, The Hottie And The Nottie is utter bullshit: Attractive girls don't hang out with unattractive ones and hot people stick together. (See: Sororities, cafeteria seating arrangements and posses of club-crawlers.) Now science has proven that, (gasp), attractive… » 2/13/08 12:00pm 2/13/08 12:00pm