Creepy Man Who Dressed Up as His Dead Mother Has Been Convicted of Fraud

He may not have killed anyone, but a Brooklyn man named Thomas Parkin has plenty in common with the infamous Psycho character Norman Bates. Parkin has just been convicted of fraud and ten other criminal charges for dressing up like his dead mother and collecting her social security checks. In the end, he stole about… » 5/03/12 9:45pm 5/03/12 9:45pm

Michele Bachmann Wants Us To Be More Like China

Did you know there was another Republican presidential debate last night? Well, there was, even though they just had one on Wednesday. Apparently these candidates are desperate for as many opportunities to open their mouths and end their candidacies as they can possibly get. This was the "Commander in Chief" debate,… » 11/13/11 2:50pm 11/13/11 2:50pm

Animals Are The Latest Casualties Of The Sagging American Economy

Since you're always haranguing us to show more pictures of puppies, here you go…but it goes with a totally depressing story about the recession. According to the Associated Press, pets have been some of the the littlest, non-human victims of skyrocketing food prices and the housing crisis. The AP digs up a tearful… » 6/03/08 9:30am 6/03/08 9:30am

Poverty Is A Major Problem For America's Older Mothers

Women outlive men, but in their twilight years, they're much more likely to fall below the poverty line. In fact, according to the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), the largest segment of the population living in poverty is made up of elderly females. (The average Social Security benefit for women is… » 5/09/08 9:30am 5/09/08 9:30am