Attention Soccer Moms: 14-Year-Olds Are Getting Full College Scholarships

Who knows what you were you doing in the eighth grade, but these days 14-year-olds are locking in four year college scholarships. Colleges and universities are receiving more dollars for women's sports, but coaches say they don't have enough talent to fill the spaces — so they're literally searching the school yards. »1/27/14 1:35pm1/27/14 1:35pm


The Difference Between Hockey Moms And Soccer Moms Is More Than Just Lipstick

When Sarah Palin described herself as a "hockey mom" at the Republican convention last week, the media instantly latched onto the phrase as a shorthand for white suburban mothers who haul their kids to practices. But how are these moms different from "soccer moms," the white, suburban mothers hauling their kids to… »9/09/08 6:20pm9/09/08 6:20pm