Lindsay Lohan Finally Admits to Relapsing

Yes, Lindsay Lohan's flakiness, pathological tardiness, and refusal to adhere to a shooting schedule—all of which have become the meat of her docu-series—makes her look totally unprofessional and a risky hire for potential producers. But the real reason why Lindsay is the final nail in the coffin of her career is that … » 4/07/14 1:20pm 4/07/14 1:20pm

Charlie Sheen Trashes CBS Bosses, Says His Sobriety's "Off And On"

  • This morning Charlie Sheen called in to the Dan Patrick radio show and shared his thoughts on crack, "beer drunks," and sobriety in a "highly erratic" interview. Charlie explained that Two and a Half Men is still on hiatus because producers want him to complete rehab, even though he's decided he's fine. They should act…
» 2/14/11 7:30pm 2/14/11 7:30pm

The Comeback Kid: Corey Haim's 20-Year Struggle With Addiction

Corey Haim, 38, was found dead today of an apparent drug overdose. A self-described "chronic relapser," Haim made repeated attempts, over the past two decades, to reestablish his once promising career by claiming he was sober, when he clearly wasn't. » 3/10/10 12:30pm 3/10/10 12:30pm