Awkward: Rupert Sanders Is Slated to Direct Kristen Stewart Again in a…

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was in love with vampire, and then she met a guy with a wife and kids who said, "Let's spin straw into gold," and she was like, "OK." But, alas, some people got pictures of the two of them doing some illicit straw-gold-spinning, and the vampire was upset by the pictures and… » 8/02/12 9:00am 8/02/12 9:00am

Andy Samberg Ambles Jovially Off Saturday Night Live To Rubber-Face…

After a seven year stint on Saturday Night Live, his main contribution being the Interwebizing of the archaic, yet occasionally (rarely) still legit great sketch comedy mainstay, professional silly person and Digital Shorts pioneer Andy Samberg is leaving for greener pastures, spurred by Kristen Wiig's recent… » 6/02/12 11:30am 6/02/12 11:30am

Here's the Awesome New Trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman

I can't believe there's a supposed rivalry between this and Mirror Mirror. Snow White and the Huntsman is going to blow the competition right out of the scary milky water. » 3/19/12 6:20pm 3/19/12 6:20pm

Why Are The 'New, Modern' Interpretations Of Snow White So… White?

Snow White And The Huntsman and a second Snow White project, now called Mirror Mirror, are set to hit theaters next year. Both claim to offer a new "twist" on the centuries-old tale. But despite looking at the story in a new way, both films feature overwhelmingly white casts. How new and twisty. » 11/11/11 2:45pm 11/11/11 2:45pm