Who Is the Most Popular Disney Princess on eBay?

Not that Disney had ever dialed it back on the princess thing, but the recent mania surrounding Frozen has really amped it up, making Elsa a new classic, right up there with Cinderella. But the true test of a Disney princess' popularity and staying power is not how much money she earns for Disney, but how much she… » 4/28/14 5:30pm 4/28/14 5:30pm

Critical Luminary James Franco Explains How Snow White and the Huntsman Is Really About Women in Hollywood

James Franco, the star of Sonny as well as some other less-naked movies, wrote a full-blown academic analysis of Kristen Stewart's performance in Snow White and the Huntsman that he may or may not have "borrowed" from one of his NYU film students, adding a little something personal about how much he misses his nana so… » 6/10/12 5:45pm 6/10/12 5:45pm

Snow White Avenges Charlize Theron’s Stalled Career

If it seemed like she'd disappeared for a while, Charlize Theron has stormed back to Hollywood relevance with a hit summer movie — Snow White and the Huntsman, which also stars Kristen Stewart and Chris I-Let-My-Biceps-Act-For-Me Hemsworth, grossed $56.3 million, beating Men in Black...Again ($29.3 million) and The… » 6/03/12 4:00pm 6/03/12 4:00pm

Why Are The 'New, Modern' Interpretations Of Snow White So… White?

Snow White And The Huntsman and a second Snow White project, now called Mirror Mirror, are set to hit theaters next year. Both claim to offer a new "twist" on the centuries-old tale. But despite looking at the story in a new way, both films feature overwhelmingly white casts. How new and twisty. » 11/11/11 2:45pm 11/11/11 2:45pm

Kristen Stewart's Snow White Is A Weapon-Wielding Warrior

Last week we saw an image from the Snow White movie directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Lily Collins, which definitely looked like a sweet, princessy fairy tale. But the Kristen Stewart version — directed by Rupert Sanders and produced by Joe Roth, who's partly responsible for the 3D Alice in Wonderland — has a… » 7/25/11 11:26am 7/25/11 11:26am

Your First Look At Lily Collins As Snow White

The new Snow White movie is sure to be a visual feast, since it's directed by Tarsem Singh, responsible for vivid and surreal films like The Fall and The Cell. Lilly Collins (daughter of Phil), who plays the fairest of them all, exclaims,"I keep saying to everyone I feel like I'm walking into a snow globe, a fairy… » 7/22/11 2:04pm 7/22/11 2:04pm