JLaw Is Pretty Chill For a Naked Person With Snake On Her Butt 

For Vanity Fair's March 2015 Hollywood Issue, Patrick Demarchelier decided to test the limits of J-Law's chill reputation by placing a giant Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor on her butt crack. U FEELING CHILL NOW, JEN? » 2/06/15 1:00pm 2/06/15 1:00pm

Enormous Snake Slithers Out of Toilet; Your Nightmares Are Real

Remember when your mom told you that a snake would come up and bite you if you sat on the toilet too long? If that's not a cautionary tale you grew up with, try this one on for size: Employees at a San Diego PR firm were terrorized by a snake that slithered out of their toilet this week. » 1/08/15 10:50am 1/08/15 10:50am

Chef Making Snake Soup Fatally Bitten by Decapitated Cobra

Today in DON'T FUCK WITH SNAKES, a chef in southern China died when a spitting cobra he was preparing to cook bit him on the hand...20 minutes after he decapitated it. Chef Peng Fan was making snake soup—a regional specialty made with spitting cobra meat, which reportedly has "spectacular health benefits"—and was… » 8/25/14 7:10pm 8/25/14 7:10pm

Watch Lupita Nyong'o Overcome Her Fear of Snakes for That Vogue Spread

As many of us know, Lupita Nyong'o was featured on the the cover of Vogue's July issue, and the pictures in her spread were absolutely gorgeous. One of the most striking images was her intensely staring down a cobra that was a mere feet from her face. » 7/14/14 1:00pm 7/14/14 1:00pm

Lady Walks Into Her Bathroom and Finds a 12-Foot Python

Have you been hydrating today? Drink a lot of water and feeling like you have to go pee? Well, why not just pop into the bathroom for a sec and get some relief. OH, WAIT. NEVER MIND. YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THE BATHROOM IS FULL OF GIANT SNAKES. » 5/13/14 3:35pm 5/13/14 3:35pm

Rattlesnake Rodeo Sounds Like the Worst Thing Ever

Today in "just because you can do something doesn't mean you should," it's the Rattlesnake Rodeo—or, more accurately, the Rattlesnake Pile of Snakes Just Kind of Lying There—in Opp, Alabama. The annual event includes snake races, snake handling, snake milking, and snake touching. » 4/15/14 2:30pm 4/15/14 2:30pm

Here's an Idea: Turn the Pythons Invading the Everglades into Handbags

New York designer Camille Zarsky makes python-skin handbags. She imports her materials from Europe, but she'd like to start sourcing a little closer to home, and she suspects she could even do a bit of ecological good—by making her products out of Florida pythons, Fast Company reports. » 1/07/14 1:10pm 1/07/14 1:10pm

Couple Finds a Dying Snake in a Free Curbside Couch Because Of Course

Snakes. Ssssssssnakessssssss. Some people swear by snakes, but other people foreswear snakes. Whatever your personal feelings about snakes, though, we can all probably agree that too many irresponsible people have decided to adopt pet snakes that either get too big, are actually poisonous, or slither into a drain… » 1/01/14 6:00pm 1/01/14 6:00pm

Man Takes a Piss, Gets His Penis Bitten By Scary Lurking Toilet Snake

I guess the snake never carpooled to high school with a slightly older snake who informed it knowingly, over the chorus of Sublime's "What I Got," to "act like you're totally into it and NEVER use your teeth. Oh and this is sooo awkward but you owe me gas money." » 7/14/13 5:00pm 7/14/13 5:00pm

Florida’s Gross Giant Snail Problem Is Getting Way Out of Hand

Let’s start here: fucking Florida. What a wet, wild, and all around icky place it is, you know? Florida is basically a big swamp surrounded by sand and populated almost exclusively with retired people, drug lords, rednecks, and dangerous exotic animals that entrepreneurial Floridians have decided to import into the… » 4/15/13 9:15pm 4/15/13 9:15pm

Connecticut Lawmaker Makes Dick Joke to Teenage Girl During a Hearing

An earnest 17-year-old intern recently attended an Appropriations Committee hearing at the Connecticut state Capitol to testify about a program that helped her come out of her shell and get over her fear of snakes. » 3/01/13 2:30pm 3/01/13 2:30pm

We Are Witnessing The End of Snake Men

So remember that part in Jurassic Park after the brachiosaurus sneezed on the girl, when Sam Neill discovers that even though all the dinosaurs are female, they are somehow reproducing? Well now, your favorite snake, the copperhead viper IS DOING THAT SHIT FOR REAL. An ecologist at the University of Tulsa has… » 9/13/12 2:20pm 9/13/12 2:20pm

How to Get Over Your Fear of Spiders and Start Caressing Tarantulas

Spiders are creepy! I mean, they are kind of neat, but mostly they cause people to scurry away in fear and sometimes even emit high-pitched shrieks. Well, if you are one of the people who can't stand those little multi-legged crawlers, you might be in luck. A new study has found that it is possible to turn people from… » 5/21/12 9:15pm 5/21/12 9:15pm

Turn In Your Pythons Before They Drive You Mad

If you had 25 quick-breeding Australian flying squirrels in your living room, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Which is why Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation decided to hold an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day, where owners of such squirrels as well as pythons, boas, turtles, geckos, and giant chameleons could turn… » 11/07/11 7:15pm 11/07/11 7:15pm

Some Slithery Ladies Get Pregnant Without Ever Having Sex

Imagine if you got pregnant a couple of years after having sex with a dude? Imagine if you got pregnant without ever having sex? An eastern diamond rattlesnake recently gave birth five years after mating. She just stored the sperm until she felt like it was the right time. Even crazier, a female copperhead snake that… » 10/18/11 7:00pm 10/18/11 7:00pm

"Snakeman" Let Snakes Bite Daughter

Today's Worst Dad Award goes to Australian "Snakeman" Raymond Hoser, who let two poisonous snakes, a taipan and a death adder, bite his daughter to prove they were de-venomized and safe. Apparently this demonstration was intended as a response to charges that he had breached his Commercial Wildlife Demonstrator… » 8/09/11 1:57pm 8/09/11 1:57pm

Lord Voldemort's Dream Home For Sale In Idaho

An Idaho man is trying to sell his snake-invested house. In this difficult real estate market, his chances of finding a buyer are slim, but then again, "there are people who love snakes." There are also speakers of Parseltongue. » 1/23/11 2:55pm 1/23/11 2:55pm

Is Snake Venom The New Botox Or Restalyne?

Plenty of Hollywood stars voluntarily inject toxic substances into their faces to stave off wrinkles (Botox is a mild form of a very harmful toxin). But you should put the latest idea on your Definitely Don't Do-it-Yourself list. » 6/11/10 2:20pm 6/11/10 2:20pm