Why Is There Still Just One Damn Lady Smurf in the Smurfdom?

According to the cast list for Smurfs 2, there are the 20 male Smurfs and one lady Smurf. On the men's side there's Papa, Grouchy, Clumsy, Vanity, Narrator, Brainy, Handy, Gutsy, Hefty, Panicky, Farmer, Greedy, Party Planner, Jokey, Smooth, Baker, Passive-Aggressive, Clueless, Social, and Crazy. On the women's side,… »8/12/13 8:30pm8/12/13 8:30pm

Daniel Craig Injured, In Need Of Some (Medical) Attention

  • Medic! Daniel Craig sliced his fingertip off while filming the new James Bond movie. Last week he cut his face and needed eight stitches. The man suffers for his art, you guys. [Mirror]
  • Did a psychic help Angelina and Brad design a nursery for the twins??? Apparently someone was hired to determine the "vibe" of the…
  • »6/11/08 9:00am6/11/08 9:00am