Nobody Is Having a Better, Nerdier Good Time with Halloween Than Museums

Survive enough November 1 hangovers and you’ll be forced to face the fact that Halloween is best experienced as a dorky, candy-heavy good time with a heavy dose of creepiness and an undercurrent of decay. One group doing it right: Museums and libraries, who are taking this holiday as an opportunity to post all their… »10/29/15 11:01am10/29/15 11:01am

Watch This Panda Cub Roll Around in the Snow Like a Drunk Teddy Bear

Attention, attention, this is important: feast your eyes upon video footage of 16-month-old panda cub Bao Bao tumbling around in today's snow at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Via Chris Geidner, this video marks Bao Bao's first encounter with the stuff, resulting in high-quality frolicking. »1/06/15 4:15pm1/06/15 4:15pm

Does Your Relationship Pass the 1920s Marriage Test?

We tend to think that romance and relationships have gotten more complicated as we tumble further into the world of Grindr apps and online dating. Gone are the days when you'd be asked to go steady by a nervous boy on your parents' porch well before curfew, the days when marriages lasted for 50 years, the days when… »5/23/12 6:45pm5/23/12 6:45pm

The Scientifically Proven Saddest Movie Scene Ever

Have you enjoyed your daily cry yet today? If you're not in the mood for an emotional roller coaster right now, it's probably best to avoid this heart-wrenching scene from 1979's The Champ at all costs. The movie is a remake of a 1931 Oscar-winning film of the same name, telling the story of a washed-up boxer (Jon… »7/27/11 3:10pm7/27/11 3:10pm