Forever Misguided, Dove Wants to Know Why You're So ‘Camera Shy’

"Why are women so camera shy?" I dunno, maybe because we don't want to look pleasingly pretty just because you want us to? Because we're constantly asked to smile on command, even at work and by complete strangers on the street, and called "bitch" if we're not in the mood? Because we don't feel like performing right… »7/02/13 7:00pm7/02/13 7:00pm

In Our Secret Hearts, We Are All Insufferable Suck-Ups

Scientists studying the "boss effect"—in short, how "social pressure of status and power affects our neurobiology"—have released a new batch of research exploring the ways that perceived social rank dictates our involuntary facial expressions. The idea, in essence, is that when a person who we feel outranks us smiles… »10/18/12 10:25am10/18/12 10:25am