Ask Amy Poehler: 'How Do I Start Taking Positivity More Seriously Than Negativity?'

The advice dealt out by Amy Poehler in her Smart Girls at the Party Ask Amy series is meant for young girls, but this is a fact that we should all choose to ignore because Poehler's counsel can be useful to all of us, regardless of age. In the first episode of 2013, a girl named Caity writes in to ask how to take in… » 1/16/13 5:40pm 1/16/13 5:40pm

Teenage Girl Asks Amy Poehler for Advice, Gets Awesome Answer

Ask Amy is the new Smart Girls series that allows young girls to write in life questions to be answered by our Lord and Savior Amy Poehler. In this edition, a 14-year-old girl asks what she should do about her father's refusal to let her wear make-up. Amy answers the young woman's question with the same seriousness… » 7/12/12 7:45pm 7/12/12 7:45pm