Sexy Blackmail and Pay Pigs: a Look at FinDom, S&M For Your Wallet

FinDom is a specific kind of fetish in which a sub derives an erotic thrill from relinquishing control of their finances to a financial domme, which is where the practice derives its name. What occurs specifically within a findom relationship varies widely: it can be anything from paying a small tribute to the domme… »9/13/13 11:46am9/13/13 11:46am

'Spanking for Jesus' Is Exactly as Fucked Up as It Sounds

Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD as its adherents call it, is a movement that seeks to carry out God's will. Which specific plan of God's? Oh, you know, just that all women obey their husbands fastidiously — a dynamic that CDD thinks is best maintained through doling out out corporal punishments. Its few… »6/19/13 2:02pm6/19/13 2:02pm

When It Comes To Sex, What Exactly Is "Normal"?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or DSM) is like the bible of American psychiatry, but it's been pretty controversial, as far as what's been included about sexual behaviors. (Up until the mid 1970s, homosexuality was listed in the DSM as a mental disorder.) The last DSM was published in 1994,… »5/22/08 6:00pm5/22/08 6:00pm

"Some people ask me about the whole S&M thing, and whether it's something I'm touching upon

"Some people ask me about the whole S&M thing, and whether it's something I'm touching upon with Discipline. I think you take it as far as you want to take it. Some people are heavily into that. Some people like to play a little bit, some people like to play a lotta bit. I've had my moments." - Janet Jackson… »2/12/08 2:20pm2/12/08 2:20pm

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask

Something about my wide-eyed, fair-skinned appearance and hushed voice and demure demeanor has convinced everyone I know that I know nothing about doing the nasty. (I have been called the "Sandra Dee of Gawker Media" and Anna herself will not accept I am not a virgin.) So last night, I hit up the party marking the 5th… »10/04/07 6:45pm10/04/07 6:45pm