Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Take Credit for Sloths' Popularity

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres Tuesday, Dax Shepard said that the sloth he got to surprise his now-wife Kristen Bell — and prompted Bell's legendary meltdown — for her 31st birthday "started a sloth industry," implying that before he and Kristen were into sloths, sloths were hardly the animal darlings they are… » 4/16/14 12:20pm 4/16/14 12:20pm

Did You... Did You Know That Baby Sloths Squeak?

Because we did not. Had we known, we might have been prepared for the high-octane adorableness you, yourself, are about to experience. » 4/13/14 5:47pm 4/13/14 5:47pm

Fox News Is Hating on Your Pal Kristen Bell

Heads up: The latest celebrity sure to send your Fox-News-loving Uncle Jeff into conniptions at the dinner table is Kristen Bell. That's because America's foremost sloth admirer had the nerve to suggest that she could afford to pay the taxman a little extra. And Fox News did not approve one bit. » 3/21/14 5:15pm 3/21/14 5:15pm

Sloth Cam Destroys All Other Animal Cams With Its Ridiculous Cuteness

Again, there is no guarantee of sloth, but that's why it's important to watch it 24/7. As usual when it comes to adorable animals, I advise you to quit your job and stare at your computer screen all day long. » 10/29/13 11:30pm 10/29/13 11:30pm

These Sloth Watercolors Are the Cutest Watercolors Ever

If these sloth-themed paintings by artist Shitty Watercolour accomplish anything (besides being freaking adorable), it's their ability to make all of us "art people." In addition to the Titanic one above, the artist has also created sloth-y versions of "American Gothic," the "Girl with the Pearl Earring" and even … » 5/14/13 11:00pm 5/14/13 11:00pm

Cuddle up with these sloths dressed as Disney Princesses

Because every day could use a little more sloth in it, artist Phillip Light drew a series of silly sketches of Disney Princesses reimagined as one of our favorite tree-dwelling mammals. But finding your one true love is so much harder when...Zzzzzzzzzzzz. » 4/21/13 10:14pm 4/21/13 10:14pm

Sloths Are Even More Interesting Than You Thought (Which Was Very)

"The sloth has razor sharp claws on its fingers, and it would be the world's most deadly predator, but only if the world slowed way the fuck down." » 1/05/13 4:30pm 1/05/13 4:30pm

Hey, Let's Watch Some Baby Sloths

It's been awhile since we've had a good sloth video (since October 11th, to be exact), but don't worry! Doc Davies (what I call myself in the quietest and darkest of times) is here to remedy that by prescribing a recent episode of Vice's The Cute Show, in which Lucy Cook, the producer of Animal Planet's Too Cute!… » 10/29/12 10:30am 10/29/12 10:30am

Of Course You Want to Watch Some Cute Sloths Chilling Out in Baskets

Uhhhhh, did you know that October 20th will be the 2nd annual International Sloth Day? Did you even know that International Sloth Day is a thing? And it's not a federal holiday! Ridiculous! Now that we're all worked up, how about we calm our rage by watching this video of sloths chilling out in baskets? It was made… » 10/11/12 7:45pm 10/11/12 7:45pm

Warning: Baby Sloth Drinking Milk May Cause a Slow-Mo Cute Attack

To slowly propel you into the weekend, here's a video of an adorable rescued baby sloth being fed milk out of a syringe. Now if only, come Monday, you could get someone to come over and do this for you with coffee. » 9/14/12 7:45pm 9/14/12 7:45pm

Lessons in World Domination: The Sloth's Sleepy Rise to Internet Fame

Sloths. So hot right now. Because there's just so much out there, this site has seen a particular burst of sloth related content in 2012 (there were three posts in the last week alone), leading us to ask, "How does an animal so slow become Internet-famous so fast?" Truth is, sloths have actually been planning their… » 3/07/12 7:10pm 3/07/12 7:10pm

Baby Sloths Learn How to Climb and It’s Just as Adorable as You’d…

Let's all hope Kristen Bell hasn't seen this video yet, otherwise her head probably exploded like a balloon overstuffed with adorableness. Until watching this video, I didn't know that sloths made cut chirping noises — I just thought they crawled along in silent, stately contempt for a world incapable of slowing its… » 3/04/12 1:00pm 3/04/12 1:00pm

Adorable Baby Sloths Even More Adorable at Bath Time

Sure, this clip from Animal Planet's Too Cute is about a month old, but who cares when it's about baby sloths in a bath? That's right— BABY SLOTHS. IN A BATH. » 1/10/12 4:50pm 1/10/12 4:50pm