Ohio Unveils New, Dead-Body-Centric Tourism Campaign or Something

Maybe “it” isn’t the obvious (dead body you’ve got to find before the cops do). Maybe “it” refers to just a part of a dead body (Einstein’s brain maybe) or perhaps to “self-actualization” or “professional satisfaction” or “a reason to commit.” Maybe Ohio is trying to advertise their local ultra-dank marijuana or… »11/17/15 6:10pm11/17/15 6:10pm


North Carolina Hospital's New Slogan 'Cheat Death' Is Destined to Disappoint

CaroMont Regional Medical Center (formerly Gaston Memorial Hospital) in Gastonia, North Carolina has recently adopted the new slogan "Cheat Death" as a part of a bigger rebranding. The hospital will couple with restaurants and gyms to collect the three Deathly Hallows create "Cheat Death" menus (that will only serve… »4/05/13 11:10am4/05/13 11:10am