Adorable Tiger Would Like to Borrow Your Slippers

Sure, people wear those animal slippers as a goof, but did you ever think that one of the actual animals would be able to recognize the slippers as the dismembered feet of one of their friends? Be honest: you did not. And yet, here is a tiger trying admirably to steal a girl's tiger slippers. Oooh, what if the giant… » 2/07/12 11:20am 2/07/12 11:20am

Area Girlfriend Upset By Discovery of Boyfriend's Saved Relationship…

It's difficult to feel cherished when we know that our partners are still carrying emotional baggage from previous romantic entanglements, but it's especially difficult when that emotional baggage manifests itself in the form of actual pieces of crap that used to belong to his ex-girlfriend. And what if he refuses to… » 10/10/11 6:30pm 10/10/11 6:30pm