Romney Hosts Chris Christie and Marco Rubio at Deeply Weird Sleepover

In a scene torn straight from your most unsettling sexual nightmares, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney hosted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio at his house for a sleepover. “It was fun,” Rubio told reporters the next day, while we all shuddered, suddenly chilled to the bone… »7/06/15 10:10am7/06/15 10:10am


Attention, Parents: You Are Not Allowed to Make 'Sleepunders' a Thing

Sleepovers are a pretty big part of growing up. They give you an opportunity to socialize, eat pizza and learn to navigate the manipulative cruelty of the real world where someone could dip your hand in warm water to make you pee at literally ANY TIME. But some jerkball parents are coming around to ruin all of that… »12/18/13 6:15pm12/18/13 6:15pm