Can You Get A Decent Night's Sleep With A Loved One In Bed?

There is nothing like the blissful, thoroughly entangled sleep enjoyed in the arms of a new beau... to remind you of the cruel impermanence of first love, the dopaminal mirage that is the notion you can ever be truly content with someone else, how monogamy sucks and nothing ever lasts etc. etc. etc. Know what I mean?… » 3/04/08 4:30pm 3/04/08 4:30pm

Note To Self: To Look Consistently Gorgeous, Break Up With Boyfriend…

We know we keep going on about this, but what drug is Cameron Diaz on exactly? The woman seems to be hitting a new country each day to promote her new film Shrek 3 (seriously — has any movie ever gotten this many premieres? The studio does realize this is an animated movie about a green ogre with a Scottish accent,… » 6/14/07 11:53am 6/14/07 11:53am