Who Is The Liz Phair Of The New Generation?

Moe is not the only Phair-lover on staff; I, too, listened to Exile In Guyville at least once a week for the entirety of my college career, not to mention the time spent on whitechocolatespaceegg and Whip Smart. I was shaped by Phair, but not just by her alone — I also spent many, many ponderous hours with… » 6/06/08 12:30pm 6/06/08 12:30pm

Someone Needs To Throw Another Tampon Into The Crowd

Every few years someone pens a piece about how women in rock are finally mainstream, pointing to the "emergence" of female singer-songwriters as proof. This weekend, The Telegraph, in an article about the "New Girl Power" in rock, declared that the mainstream music industry "has rarely invested in girls with guitars: it has … » 11/19/07 3:00pm 11/19/07 3:00pm