Three Hard-Earned Rules For Effective Skype Sex

I'm a lucky woman. I've had a wealth of sexual experience, and learned many wonderful and terrible things from many wonderful and terrible people. But I recently started having semi-regular Skype sex, and realized that I hadn't felt this sexually inept since I was a terrified teenager. I'm seeing a person who a) is a… » 7/26/12 5:10pm 7/26/12 5:10pm

Plastic Surgery Will Totally Enhance Your Facebook Experience, Say Vain People

Study after study shows that more people are getting facial plastic surgery to perfect their social media close-up. Is it because the ability to see ourselves from multiple angles and megapixels makes us notice flaws we didn't know we had? Or is it because, as Betabeat's Jessica Roy says, "Social media has made… » 7/11/12 11:10am 7/11/12 11:10am

Soldier Mysteriously Dies While on Skype With Wife

Just when you think all of the horrible things in the world have already happened, something like this comes along. Last week, Susan Orellana-Clark was Skyping with her husband, Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark, a 43-year old Army chief nurse who was stationed in Afghanistan. Everything seemed completely normal when Clark… » 5/07/12 11:10am 5/07/12 11:10am

Chin Implants Skyrocket After People Realize They Look Terrible in Video Chats

When we think of plastic surgery, we tend to think first of nose jobs, but it turns out the biggest new trend in modifying one's face is getting chin implants. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons just released new statistics that show that chimplants, as they're charmingly known, are the fastest growing procedure… » 4/16/12 11:20am 4/16/12 11:20am