Strong Is Not 'The New Skinny' Because Women Don't Need a 'New Skinny'

Today's New York Post profiles a 24-year-old ex-dancer who traded intense cardio workouts and self-deprivation for intense resistance workouts and weight lifting, gaining 20 lbs of pure muscle meat in the process. She's never felt better, she says. She's happy with her body and she feels totally awesome. STRONG IS… » 8/15/13 6:00pm 8/15/13 6:00pm

Justin Bieber's Monkey Is Now a Naturalized German Citizen

Hey, remember when Justin Bieber's baby monkey got seized by German customs? (NOT A EUPHEMISM, PERVS.) Well, instead of going all Not Without My Monkey-Son on the German boy-king or whatever, Bieber was just like "w-evs," and didn't even fucking bother to send in the the required vaccination and import papers to get… » 5/21/13 8:30pm 5/21/13 8:30pm

Baylor Women's Basketball Caps Perfect Season With National Championship

The Baylor University women's basketball team defeated the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish to win the NCAA women's national championship last night, becoming the first basketball team in NCAA history to win 40 games in a season and only the seventh women's team ever to remain unbeaten for an entire season. The victory was… » 4/04/12 1:10pm 4/04/12 1:10pm

Let Us (Mostly) Rejoice In Pat Summitt's Misery

Last night, Muffet McGraw earned her first career win over Pat Summitt. The Notre Dame women had lost 20 straight games to the Tennessee Volunteers before McGraw's squad — led by its phenomenal sophomore guard, Skylar Diggins — defeated the No. 1 Vols 73-59 in Dayton last night. This was a bittersweet moment for… » 3/29/11 7:05pm 3/29/11 7:05pm