'Should've Worn a Skirt,' He Said on the First Date. He Was Serious.

Two weeks ago I went on a date with a lawyer at Goldman Sachs. He was 49 years old, “not handsome in the classical sense, more Jimmy Cagney than Cary Grant” as he so charitably described himself and preferred Italian suits over Savile Row’s. His magniloquent and crassly funny e-mails had made me curious, so I’d… »4/30/13 6:00pm4/30/13 6:00pm

Officials Haven't Decided If Female Olympic Boxers Will Be Forced To Wear Skirts in Competition

Officials from The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) nearly incited fisticuffs when they implied that the first ever Olympic female boxers will be required to enter the ring in skirts. But, calm down, Panicky Von Anxoius O'Feminista— they only might be required. Official uniforms for Olympic women's… »11/05/11 2:55pm11/05/11 2:55pm

Woman Denied Entry For 'Lesbian' T-Shirt • High School Bans Cheerleader Uniforms On Campus

A woman in California who was wearing a t-shirt with the words " »8/26/08 5:30pm8/26/08 5:30pm" was told that she could by a (privately hired) security guard who said the shirt was "offensive." • A Seattle-area grandmother found herself trouble when she to vote to demonstrate how easy it is to commit voter fraud. The charges against…