Dear Britain, Please Continue Sending the US Your Former Skins Stars

It has been announced that two of the most beloved stars from the third generation of Skins, the best-ever British teen show, have been cast in ABC's new drama Recovery Road. Those teens are Jessica Sula, who played Skins' prim beauty Grace, and Sebastian de Souza, who was the brooding loner Matty and makes me feel… »2/16/15 7:45pm2/16/15 7:45pm


Hormones, Thailand's Answer to Skins, Incites Controversy and Praise

Hormones is a drama of daily life set in a Bangkok high school. It has the same basic structure as the UK (and now, sigh, the U.S.)'s sexy teen melodrama Skins — it follows 9 teenagers as they go about their everyday lives. As such, it covers a variety of scandalous teen-related topics, including premarital sex,… »8/19/13 6:00pm8/19/13 6:00pm

Adults Addicted to Sexy Teen Dramas: Why It Hurts to Love Skins

There's a British show called Skins and chances are you've heard of it — it's been on since 2007, has experienced international acclaim and was even developed into a nightmarish American adaptation that aired on MTV for one short season. But just in case you are unfamiliar, here's a brief synopsis: Skins is about a… »6/27/13 6:00pm6/27/13 6:00pm