805 Skinny Dippers Break Guinness Record, Create Disgusting Human Soup

805 people got together in Florida to shed their clothes and take a dip in the water to break the Guinness World Record for the most people naked at once and swimming together in a non-sexual (?) manner. I'm kinda grossed out by all those bodily fluids seeping into orifices (sorry) but then again, I'm a never-nude… »11/04/13 9:30pm11/04/13 9:30pm

Footloose and Fancy-Free Republicans Enjoyed Drunken, Semi-Naked Night Swimming in Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee — which is not a sea at all but a lake — has now been confirmed as the site of at least two remarkable occurrences: it's the body of water Jesus supposedly tip-toed over as well as the body of water a bunch of boozed-up GOP lawmakers floundered around in last summer during what we can only assume… »8/20/12 10:00am8/20/12 10:00am