These Are Your Five Favorite Face Masks 

Face masks have quite a few naysayers, who pooh pooh their potency and dismiss them as a get-rich-quick scheme for bored beauty executives. And they’re right—to some degree. Face masks only work if they’re used consistently. When used correctly, face masks can bequeath the plumpness of a baby’s bottom onto your cold,… »11/11/15 4:15pm11/11/15 4:15pm


What Is Your Face Mask of Choice?

Winter, ‘tis the season of chapped lips and dry skin. Face masks, ostensibly just a way to moisturize your skin and keep the grim reaper at bay, are actually a highly intricate ritual involving cucumbers, Scandal reruns, and carafes of rosè. Whether you bow down before the altar of Korean skin imports, small-batch… »11/09/15 3:15pm11/09/15 3:15pm

Eloise's 24-Hour Product Diary: Lush, Bite, & a Safety Razor

I have been obsessed with beauty products since I was a wee child. From Bonnie Bell peel-off nail polish to Wet ‘N’ Wild lipstick to Fetish perfume to absolutely everything at The Body Shop - I loved all of it. From childhood through college, there wasn’t a gimmick I didn’t buy into or a supposedly life-changing… »8/04/15 4:37pm8/04/15 4:37pm

Embrace Your Blackheads. They Just Want to Be With You.

I remember when I first learned about blackheads. I was a not-quite-teenager and I had come to terms with the fact that zits were looming in my future—weathering the years of ruined photos and traumarama school dances (lol/cry @ the idea that I'd ever get asked to a dance) seemed like a rousing, communal rite of… »9/18/13 11:10am9/18/13 11:10am

Science Might Be Really Close to Developing Acne Miracle Cream, Still Mum on Making a Real-Life Millennium Falcon

Have you ever gotten a pimple? Of course you have, you zit-riddled monster! Like many acne sufferers, you too probably turned to the commercial smorgasbord of topical acne treatments hawked by celebrities and clear-skinned teenagers from a parallel universe where everyone is attractive at every stage of development.… »3/03/13 4:30pm3/03/13 4:30pm