Dreams Do Come True: Dr. Oz Explains Acne On Oprah

Remember how earlier today we were obsessing about pimples »11/11/08 7:00pm11/11/08 7:00pm and we wondered why Dr. Oz and Oprah haven't covered it yet? Well, right as we were posting that, today's episode of aired, during which Dr. Oz was discussing "the science of beauty." And part of the discussion included acne! (Maybe Oprah really Jesus, since…

Gross YouTube Genre Is Populated By Pimple-Loving Girls

I don't know about you, but some of us on staff here are obsessed with blemishes, whether on our own bodies or those of significant others. (That's Rihanna and Chris Brown at left.) Somehow, we discovered that the zit-popping video is its own sub-genre on YouTube: There's clip after stomach-turning clip of some of the… »11/11/08 5:00pm11/11/08 5:00pm

MTV's True Life Investigates Severe Acne Sufferers

Over the weekend, MTV aired True Life: I Have Acne »9/15/08 2:20pm9/15/08 2:20pm a documentary featuring young adults with severe cystic acne, and the steps they are taking to treat it. Take Lily. She's a 21-year-old aspiring model/actress, but her skin has been holding her back from moving forward with her career. She's been grappling with the…