Never Leave the House Because 80% of Sunscreens Don't Even Work

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual guide to sunscreens, and what they’ve discovered will encourage you to partake in the important summer ritual of staying inside. Their research, as reported by TIME, claims 80% of sunscreens offer “inferior sun protection or contain worrisome ingredients like… »5/19/15 5:40pm5/19/15 5:40pm


Woman's Shocking Selfie Shows What Skin Cancer From Tanning Looks Like

Tawny Willoughby used to tan four to five times a week. She even had a tanning bed in her home in high school. Then one of her friends from nursing school was diagnosed with skin cancer. Then so was Willoughby. Now she’s posted a selfie of what her cancer treatment looks like in order to raise awareness of skin… »5/13/15 6:30pm5/13/15 6:30pm

One in Seven People With Skin Cancer Go Back to Tanning Beds

In case you hadn't figured it out already, tanning is addicting. So addicting, in fact, that one in seven tanners diagnosed with skin cancer go back to tanning even after their diagnosis. The endorphins released by skin cells after exposure to UV light make many people who tan dependent on getting into the ole' UV… »7/12/13 6:15pm7/12/13 6:15pm

Going Out in the Sun? Be Sure to Rub Strawberries All Over Yourself

Strawberries are good for you — that one you've heard before. But according to a new study, strawberries help protect skin cells from UVA damage. As printed in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, researchers have found that when you add strawberry extract to skin cell cultures — um, sure, why not? — and then… »8/07/12 6:20pm8/07/12 6:20pm

Some Doctors Aren't Wild About Self-Tanner, Prefer You Stay Pale

It seems pretty obvious that unless you're part of a certain subculture that shall remain nameless, you'll be less likley to lay out in the sun or use a tanning bed after you've applied sunless tanning lotion. Of course, researchers needed to conduct a survey to confirm this, and while the results aren't earth… »12/19/11 10:43pm12/19/11 10:43pm

Raised Eyebrows Edition (Also, John McCain Is Really Old)

Numbers Of Young Women With Skin Cancer Rises • LadyMag Editor Neutralizes "Men At Work" Signs

Melanoma cases in young women continues to rise (they have yet to adopt the fear-the-sun attitude of ladymags) due in part to increased outdoor activity and indoor tanning. • A well-preserved statue of Venus (from the late classical Greek tradition) was found in Macedonia. • Napoleon's penis is currently in the… »7/10/08 5:20pm7/10/08 5:20pm