Michael Martinez Is the Olympics' First Filipino Figure Skater

He's also the first Southeast Asian figure skater to represent at the Winter Olympics, is only 17 years old, and benefits from a feel-good story about taking up skating after asthma attacks disqualified him from competing in other sports, as well as relying on donations from friends and family to be able to afford… »2/13/14 3:10pm2/13/14 3:10pm

Newly-Retired Skater Johnny Weir Will Still Dare to Be Gay in Russia

This morning on Today, Johnny Weir announced that he has officially retired from competitive skating and will not participate in a third Olympic Games. "I get old," he offered up as an explaination. Weir had an additional announcement: He will be joining NBC as an "expert figure skating analyst" — doing commentary on… »10/23/13 11:10am10/23/13 11:10am