Clothing Manufacturers Think You Actually Want Fewer Size Options

If you've felt like clothing choices have gotten much more alphabetic and much less numerical in recent years, you're not hallucinating. Purveyors of women's clothing are reverting from offering a dozen sizes represented by numbers into the more simple — and profitable — Small, Medium, and Large. Which, if you ask me,… »5/29/14 11:20am5/29/14 11:20am


Nosy Reporter Obsessed With Revealing Princess Diana's Dress Size

Princess Diana's wardrobe is on display at the Mall Of America, and NBC's Janet Shamlian visited the exhibit and asked the question she claims everyone wants to know: What size was Princess Di? Yes, folks, women do not want to know how to balance work and family or how many feet of silk were used in the royal wedding… »2/24/12 12:45pm2/24/12 12:45pm