A road trip in honor of 'Sixteen Candles' 30th birthday

Sixteen Candles premiered May 4, 1984. Today is it's 30th birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Samantha. The John Hughes teen classic was his first film with his muse, Molly Ringwald. In fact, he wrote the film in one weekend after seeing her headshot. The male lead was between Michael Schoeffling and Viggo Mortensen. I… »5/04/14 10:38pm5/04/14 10:38pm


Molly Ringwald Tells Reddit Secret of Youth is 'Blood of Kristen Stewart'

Reddit, the internet's sometimes lovable, often exasperating socially awkward child prodigy of a brother, occasionally invites celebrities (and meme subjects) to answer questions from the site's commentariat. Last night, former Brat Packer and current grown up actress Molly Ringwald offered herself as an interview… »4/26/12 3:10pm4/26/12 3:10pm

Sixteen Candles Or Pretty In Pink: Which Is Better?

Over on EW.com, writer Dalton Ross reports that while his wife loves Pretty In Pink, he feels that Sixteen Candles is a much better movie. When he tells her so, she gives him a "deathly stare." (He doesn't mention that his wife is Christina Kelly — formerly of Sassy, YM, Jane and ElleGirl.) In any case, Ross makes the… »11/14/07 10:30am11/14/07 10:30am