It's the Dowager Countess, er, Maggie Smith's Birthday!

Ladies, my afternoon tea today will be in celebration of the life and acting career of Maggie Smith. The Brit, born on December 28, 1934, is 79 years old and she has given us fabulous characters like Hook's Granny Wendy, Gunilla Garson Goldberg of The First Wives' Club, Mother Superior from Sister Act, and Professor… » 12/28/13 2:30pm 12/28/13 2:30pm

University Of Maryland Sorority Sisters Charged With Hazing & Assault

In another disturbing reminder that hazing isn't limited to idiotic frat guys, seven members of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority at the University of Maryland have been charged with hazing and assault for allegedly beating a pledge during initiation. » 3/02/11 10:19pm 3/02/11 10:19pm

The victim's claims are similar to those of a San Jose State…

Scientists Find Sisters Make Male Rats Less Sexy; Gyllenhaals Suggest…

A new study shows that male rats raised with lots of sisters are less attractive to lady rats. So is this research applicable to humans? » 10/22/10 12:24pm 10/22/10 12:24pm

Abusive Sorority Reminds Everyone That Hazing Isn't Just For Dudes

If there was any doubt that sororities can be every bit as bad as frats, let's dispel it with this tale of all-female hazing. » 9/03/10 1:38pm 9/03/10 1:38pm

Whoopi's Sister Act Now Comes With Bonus Sparkles

[London, August 10. Whoopi Goldberg performs during a dress rehearsal, as she joins the theatre cast of Sister Act. Goldberg will appear in the show for a limited three-week run from Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010. Image via AP] » 8/10/10 9:21am 8/10/10 9:21am

Save The Date

Eight Missouri sisters want to have the same wedding anniversary. So far two of 'em have achieved it. And we don't see why anything should stand in the way of the other six. Besides not getting married. [UPI] » 6/08/09 5:20pm 6/08/09 5:20pm

Is Nicky Hilton The Anti-Paris?

Adam Tschorn of the L.A. Times hung out backstage with Nicky Hilton before her Chick line made its Los Angeles Fashion Week debut. You'd think this would make for an exciting story, since Tschorn was privy to all sorts of insights from Ms. Hilton, such as: "We're going for a look that's like a living doll — eyelashes,… » 10/22/07 12:30pm 10/22/07 12:30pm