The Woman Behind Siri's Voice Reveals Herself: 'It's Kinda Creepy'

One of the world's greatest, most enduring mysteries has finally been solved. No, we haven't figured out what Stonehenge is for, how the pyramids were built, who really killed JFK, what caused the Bloop, the identity of the man in the Taman Shud case, or why Jennifer Aniston keeps getting roles in major studio films… »10/04/13 11:50am10/04/13 11:50am

Extremely Mean Phone-Robot Siri Doesn't Want You to Kill Yourself

Like most everyone in possession of an iPhone, I have a very contentious relationship with Siri: she never tells me jokes, she refuses to learn my name, and she's often extremely judgmental of me ("I'm sorry, I don't have any results for 'goat tree'. Would you like me to Google it?" she will often say in a… »6/20/13 11:45am6/20/13 11:45am

John Malkovich and Siri Hit It Off, Probably Because He Doesn't Ask Her If It's Raining

Siri may deny knowing Samuel L. Jackson and be irritated by certain members of the Deschanel family that insist on asking insipid questions about the weather, but she apparently does like some people. In the newest ad for Apple's iPhone 4S, she and John Malkovich seem to share quite a deep connection. Well, as deep… »5/24/12 9:30am5/24/12 9:30am

Watch Zooey Deschanel's Hilarious Brother Jooey Push All of Siri's Buttons

If you think Siri gets bitchy when you ask her about Zooey Deschanel, wait until you see what she does when confronted with Jooey Deschanel. He's Zooey's "brother," and he seems to be suffering from some kind of adorkable spectrum disorder that allows him to drive Siri over the brink. "Siri, you wanna take a soup… »5/17/12 11:15pm5/17/12 11:15pm

Siri Goes Rogue, Tells A 12-Year-Old Boy To 'Shut The Fuck Up'

British tween Charlie Le Quesne and his mom were shopping at a store in England when he picked up an iPhone 4S on display and innocently asked Siri, "How many people are there in the world?" The 12-year-old, expecting the phone's automated assistant to give him a number, got a real shock when instead Siri answered,… »1/01/12 3:45pm1/01/12 3:45pm