Same-Sex Schooling Is Actually Bullshit

Sex-segregated schools are ineffective and detrimental to children's development, argue Rebecca Bigler and Lise Eliot, professors and co-authors of "The pseudoscience of single-sex schooling," in the Washington Post. But despite "rigorous educational research" supporting their inefficacy, hundreds of schools continue… » 6/04/12 2:30pm 6/04/12 2:30pm

Women's Colleges Promote Sweatpants & Poor Tampon Hygiene, Says…

As a graduate of Wellesley College, I thought going to a women's college was about receiving an excellent education at an institution that's mission is to promote gender equality. Now a Wesleyan undergrad has opened my eyes to the horrors of single-sex education. How could I have failed to notice my fellow students… » 10/18/11 10:33pm 10/18/11 10:33pm