Rand Paul Thinks Unmarried Poor Women Should Just Stop Having Sex

Aging Brillo pad Rand Paul has a brilliant suggestion for a weapon in his ongoing war against the terrifying dragon of the unwed single mother who won't stop living off the government: tell her that if she won't stop having kids, she doesn't get any more government benefits. Rand Paul also famously opposes giving… »1/30/14 12:20pm1/30/14 12:20pm

Having a Single Mom Is Worse Than Not Being Able to Vote, Says Dumbass

Maybe it's unfair to call George Will a dumbass; he gives off the vibe that his Soduku skills are nothing to sneeze at and he's probably got a photographic memory for the complex requirements of toupee care (because George Will's scalp cozy looks like it's been pampered like a 24 year old mistress). However, he did… »8/26/13 1:20pm8/26/13 1:20pm

We Should Probably Stop Blaming the Crime Rate on Single Mothers

During the second Presidential debate last month, Mitt Romney suggested that one way to reduce Aurora, Colorado-style mass assault weapon shootings would be to encourage everyone to just get married before they have babies. Blaming single parents for violence has long been a dog whistle talking point of the family… »11/27/12 1:10pm11/27/12 1:10pm

Unmarried Fathers Abandon Families to Spare Their Own Delicate Feelings

Tale as old as time: boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl fall in love (or like). And then some less-wedding toast worthy stuff happens — midnight sexting that possibly culminates in digital dick pics, some frottage, and sex having. For more highly educated, economically advantaged couples, this dick… »7/23/12 11:50am7/23/12 11:50am

Study Finds that Poor People Have Really High Hopes for Marriage

A cabal of UCLA psychologists has gathered together to bring us a brand new marriage study, which finds that poor people in America value the institution just as much as their fellow middle class and high-income citizens. Published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, the study aimed to figure out whether or not $1… »7/17/12 12:00pm7/17/12 12:00pm

Why Aren't We Talking More About Deadbeat Dads?

Apparently, it's awful to be a single mother in America. They're are more likely to have lower levels of education, lower income, and if they're uneducated they're much less likely to get married than their more educated counterparts, which shuts them out of the added income a husband can provide for a family. To make… »7/16/12 11:35am7/16/12 11:35am

Rick Santorum Thinks That Single Women Who Breed Need to be Kicked in the Butt

Anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-college Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is also anti-single mother — or at least he was when he first ran for Senate, back when he was, by his own admission, less of a zealot than he is today. During a Pennsylvania town hall meeting, he told the gathered crowd that welfare… »3/06/12 1:50pm3/06/12 1:50pm

Mike Huckabee Attacks Natalie Portman For "Glamorizing" Single Motherhood

Apparently Mike Huckabee has learned nothing from the mistakes of his Republican predecessors. On a radio show this week, Huckabee criticized Natalie Portman for sending the message that it's okay to have a child "out of wedlock," because attacking Murphy Brown went so well for Dan Quayle nearly two decades ago. »3/03/11 11:08pm3/03/11 11:08pm