Editor Tries to Defend Stupid Comments About Single Moms, Fails

Last week, one Chris Powell, managing editor of the Journal Inquirer out of Hartford, Connecticut used his plaform to lay down some facts about how single moms are ruining journalism. Some people (us!) didn't love this poorly written screed and used their platform to say as much. Powell became "the national… »10/07/13 5:00pm10/07/13 5:00pm

Journalism Is Failing Because of Single Moms on Welfare

It's not the internet or the those stupid young people who won't pay for things or the cost of paper that's thrown the media landscape into a tizzy: it's women. That's according to Chris Powell, the managing editor of the Journal Inquirer out of Manchester, Connecticut, who has penned an op-ed about the real people… »10/01/13 3:50pm10/01/13 3:50pm

A Father's Day Message from Louis de Bernières: Moms Can't Rough House

British writer Louis de Bernières — a man whose name is so tantalizingly close to “Béarnaise” that, repeated enough times, it will drive you mad with hunger — availed himself this Father’s Day of a media pulpit from which he could decry the institution that wreaks the most psychic destruction on children (particularly… »6/16/13 12:00pm6/16/13 12:00pm

More and More, Ladies Are the Family Breadwinners (And Loving It)

A new study from the Pew Research Center that analyzed census data found that the number of women who bring home that thick-cut bacon (aka breadwinner moms) is steadily rising; it's at a record 40 percent, up from 11 percent just 50 years ago. If those gaping numbers don't impress you, women report actually wanting… »5/29/13 11:50am5/29/13 11:50am

The Single Mother Success Story Is No Excuse for a Superiority Complex

I love a piece about parenting that helps us understand different approaches and what works and what might not based on experiences or research. As a parent, I'm free to read it, take from it what might work for me and my child, and discard what won't. I hate a piece about parenting that argues essentially, that there… »1/09/13 6:30pm1/09/13 6:30pm

Lawmaker Suggests Beaten Ladies Remember the Good Times

A thoughtful, sensitive male Wisconsin legislator has proclaimed that he is against divorce under all circumstances — even spousal abuse. And he's got a message to all those ladies out there getting the shit beaten out of them by their husbands: remember the good times, back before things took an abusive turn, and… »3/14/12 5:15pm3/14/12 5:15pm

The Increase in Single Moms Is Actually a Good Thing

For the first time in American history, more than half of new mothers under the age of 30 are unmarried. The news has led to stark warnings from social conservatives about the supposedly disastrous consequences of illegitimacy –- and to renewed discussion about whether marriage remains relevant today. In the rush to… »2/22/12 5:40pm2/22/12 5:40pm