The World Does Not Need Another Season of Single Ladies

Sometimes shows should be cancelled because they’re bad and VH1’s previously-defunct Single Ladies is just that. Unfortunately, when crappy shows have a built-in audience of more than 2.6 million viewers, some lazy network will dredge them up if only to sell more suspect Dove products against LisaRaye’s attempts at… » 4/10/14 5:00pm 4/10/14 5:00pm

Network TV May Not Want Black Women to Star in Hour-Long Shows, But…

There is only one — yes, one currently-running hour-long scripted network TV show starring a black woman: Scandal. But VH1's Single Ladies has a predominantly black female cast, and with an average of 3.1 million total viewers, VH1 is looking to hang on to that audience: The network has just announced it's greenlighted … » 7/24/12 3:20pm 7/24/12 3:20pm

In The End, Single Ladies Wasn't As Bad As We Thought

The first episode of Single Ladies did not impress me. it seemed like all the characters did was drink champagne and change clothes. I watched the second episode not expecting things to get better. Then the third. Then the fourth. Then I suggested my mom watch, and then I realized: I was hooked. The show had grown on… » 8/09/11 4:55pm 8/09/11 4:55pm

Are Sex, Celeb Sightings & Stacey Dash Enough To Save Single Ladies?

The new VH1 "romantic comedy series" Single Ladies premiered last night, immediately following Basketball Wives. The juxtaposition of these two shows says a lot about what VH1 is trying to do, and whom the network is trying to reach. Black women, come get your entertainment! But while Basketball Wives is a reality show… » 5/31/11 4:36pm 5/31/11 4:36pm

The Gawker Guide to Summer Television

With so many season finales airing this week, you might think that Americans turn off their TV sets after Memorial Day weekend and only turn it back on again in September. But this is America! All we care about is TV (and food)! Here are some of the new shows—and returning favorites—that will make lying in… » 5/26/11 5:20pm 5/26/11 5:20pm

A Sneak Peek Of Single Ladies, Which Is Not The Black Sex And The City

Not exactly, anyway. From the looks of the new trailer, while love, sex and relationships are definitely the focus, no one will be staring wistfully out of a window while musing at a laptop. Instead, someone snipes: "Bitches got drama!" » 1/20/11 7:30pm 1/20/11 7:30pm