Stop Hailing Women as Good or Bad Role Models

I know you have open letter + pumpkin spice fatigue, but hear me out: Did anyone think it was a real gas that when Sinead O'Connor was scolding Miley Cyrus, we learned that Cyrus considered O'Connor a role model herself? I was in junior high when O'Connor made the angels cry for ripping up a picture of the pope live… » 11/07/13 4:20pm 11/07/13 4:20pm

On Men, Women and the Conversation About Beauty

I read or hear about beauty and women about every single day. Partly, I'm in it, so to speak — the rabbit hole of things women think and talk about. But also it just comes up a lot in the background of conversations about being alive. And it's always pretty much in the exact same way: Women are supposed to be… » 10/07/13 5:43pm 10/07/13 5:43pm

Miley Cyrus Plans on Escalating Her Sinéad O'Connor Feud on SNL

There's a rumor going 'round this fine morning that Miley Cyrus will use her hosting/musical guest privileges tonight on Saturday Night Live to escalate her feud with Sinéad O'Connor to DEFCON 6. This will most likely entail, explains the magpie contracted to spy on NBC's Studio 8H, a Weekend Update routine and… » 10/05/13 11:30am 10/05/13 11:30am

Sinead O'Connor Threatens to Sue Malignant Brat Miley Cyrus

Fleshy sarcophagus in which a sentient tongue is housed Miley Cyrus is up to her old tricks. By "old tricks," I mean "actin' like a big brat who lacks any semblance of self-awareness and scaring me over the Internet." And now, after penning some very rude, horrible and aggressive tweets mocking Sinead O'Connor's… » 10/04/13 9:14am 10/04/13 9:14am

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Split With No Hard Feelings, For Real

Unfortunately, The Year That Love Died appears to be extending into 2013: Actress, vocal feminist and possible Kentucky senatorial candidiate Ashley Judd and her husband, three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, are divorcing after eleven years of marriage, which is like a golden anniversary in celebrity years. » 1/30/13 9:00am 1/30/13 9:00am

Tina Fey Had a Hard Time Explaining Erections to Her Six-Year-Old Daughter

Anyone who has been around small kids knows that some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths is hilariously precocious, but it can also take you aback because you didn't expect to hear it for at least another few years. Tina Fey found herself in that predicament when she was watching some 30 Rock with her… » 1/12/12 9:00am 1/12/12 9:00am

Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul For President, Accidentally Enrages Her Fans

For reasons which may never be fully understood, Kelly Clarkson took to her Facebook wall earlier today to express her love for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. She pledged her vote to him if he wins the nomination, though she lamented, "Too bad he probably won't." » 12/29/11 8:00pm 12/29/11 8:00pm

Oh, shiiiiiit. Here we thought we…