The Simpsons Version of Downton Abbey Is Charming and Adorable

THIS IS SO CUTE. Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem runs the Tumblr Simposonized where he takes noted figures in pop culture and illustrates them in the classic Simpsons style. (Here, for example, are Omar from The Wire and Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.) His most recent series depicts the characters from Downton Abbey » 10/15/13 1:20pm 10/15/13 1:20pm

Mmm ... Favorite Recipes From The Simpsons

The folks at Warming Glows' TV Gourmet have prepared and sampled five recipes featured on The Simpsons, including Tom Collins Pot Pie, Corn Nog, and the ever-popular 64 Slices of American Cheese. Try it, it's good for what ails ya! (Not really. The brave taste-tester reports that after 23 slices he was, "just left… » 8/21/11 11:33pm 8/21/11 11:33pm