The Misguided Campaign to 'Bring Back the Afro'

When is a compliment not really a compliment? When is praise not really praise? Here's a hint: When you're a white man reminiscing about the good old days, when black people wore Afros. Talk about reducing something complex to something simple. » 4/02/13 6:00pm 4/02/13 6:00pm

Glam Gowns and Lurking Lagerfeld at the Fashion Group International…

Last night, fashion designers and celebrities convened at the 29th Annual Fashion Group International Night Of Stars. The FGI is a global, non-profit, professional organization with a mission to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design. But all we really want to know is: What did everyone wear » 10/26/12 2:20pm 10/26/12 2:20pm

Slim Down With The Help Of A Gay Man

In his new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat (a play on Mireille Guiliano's controversial French Women Don't Get Fat) Simon Doonan gives irreverent lifestyle and dieting tips for straight women from the point of view of the all-knowing homosexual male. In an interview with the New York Post, he lists some of these… » 1/03/12 6:15pm 1/03/12 6:15pm

Tom Ford Thinks A Lot About Fat Women And Their Rolls Of Fatty Fat

  • Tom Ford, a man who immobilized his forehead with Botox, thinks people should go naked. Especially, well... "Fat women almost always look better without the constraint and lumpy pinching of clothes, all the straps and elastic squeezing and sucking." [ContactMusic]
  • » 12/07/10 11:39am 12/07/10 11:39am

Michelle Obama Fundraises With Donna Karan, Pisses Off PETA

And Now American Apparel Is Being Sued By Its Investors

Tilda Returns As Face Of Pringle; Terry Richardson Says Sex Is Like A…