​Sikh Kids Get Bullied More Than Twice as Much than National Rate

A recent survey by the Sikh Coalition has found that half of Sikh children and two-thirds of Sikh children who wear their hair in turbans report being bullied at school. The report entitled, "Go Home Terrorist," surveyed more than 700 students in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Washington and was included in… »3/16/14 3:30pm3/16/14 3:30pm


Jerks Deface GAP Ad Featuring Sikh Model, GAP Responds Awesomely

You guys know about Gap's "Make Love" campaign, featuring a diverse group of models from Lisa Ling to Cyndi Lauper, right? I've been in love with these ads ever since a friend Snapchatted the version with Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia, who was in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and designs beautiful jewelry. »11/27/13 11:50am11/27/13 11:50am

Mitt Romney Too Manly and Important to Know the Difference Between 'Sikhs' and 'Sheikhs'

This weekend, tragedy struck in Wisconsin as a stupid, hateful gunman targeted a Sikh temple just before Sunday services, killing half a dozen people before being shot himself. And in response, Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate, possible future leader of the entire free world, extended his heartfelt condolences to… »8/08/12 1:10pm8/08/12 1:10pm

14-Year-Old Girl's Bracelet Gets Her Kicked Out Of School

In the UK, a 14-year old girl has been tossed out of school for wearing a bracelet. Thing is, she's Sikh. And the bracelet, a Kara, is a part of her faith. Her school says the bangle stands in violation of their dress code, which prevents not only the wearing of jewelry, but also the wearing of any accessories that… »11/07/07 5:30pm11/07/07 5:30pm