'Visibly Pregnant' Girls in Sierra Leone Banned from Attending School

Sierra Leone's Education Minister has announced that school-aged girls who are "visibly pregnant" won't be allowed to attend school, take their exams, or associate with non-pregnant students. A top education official has suggested that having pregnant girls in class would "encourage other girls to do the same thing." » 3/30/15 11:30am Yesterday 11:30am

Ebola Is Temporarily Halting Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone

The devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa has one slim silver lining: it's temporarily putting a stop to the female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone, where the procedure is traditionally performed on most pre-pubescent girls. Bloomberg reports that many FGM practitioners are refusing to do the procedure, because… » 1/14/15 4:20pm 1/14/15 4:20pm

Airport Ebola Screenings Won't Do Much Besides Calm You the Fuck Down

Ebola panic is spreading and five American airports are responding with temperature checks for people arriving from three of the heaviest hit African countries — Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. But ... the only good it's really going to do is calming people the fuck down. » 10/09/14 12:10pm 10/09/14 12:10pm

Naomi Campbell And The Warlord's Big Blood Diamond

This is a video of Naomi Campbell refusing to answer questions about her relationship with the notorious Liberian warlord/president Charles Taylor, and about a large blood diamond Taylor allegedly gave the supermodel in South Africa in 1997. » 4/22/10 4:40pm 4/22/10 4:40pm

Girl Soldiers Continue To Suffer As Taylor's War Crimes Defense Begins

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor may be taking the stand in International Criminal Court tomorrow to defend himself against war crimes charges, but women in Liberia say they continue to suffer after Taylor turned them into child soldiers. » 7/13/09 4:40pm 7/13/09 4:40pm

Photographer Publishes Plight Of Women Worldwide

An ex-graffiti artist, 26, who goes by "JR" is traveling the world for a project: taking portraits of women affected by poverty and violence, and then pasting blown-up prints all over their cities. » 3/13/09 4:00pm 3/13/09 4:00pm

Jennifer Hollett of Current TV's Collective Journalism project reports on a group in Sierra Leone — where nearly 90-95 percent of all women are subject to female genital mutilation — called the Amazonian Initiative Movement, which is working to end the practice of FGM. In addition to educating women about the risks,… » 12/02/08 5:30pm 12/02/08 5:30pm

Maternal Mortality Plagues Sierra Leone — And The United States

If you're feeling a little too happy today — you know, because everything seems to be going so well and all — take a look at this Washington Post article » 10/14/08 2:20pm 10/14/08 2:20pm on maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. The piece, which ran on Sunday, profiles first-time mother Saio Marah, who needs an emergency C-section after two days of…

African Doctor: Is Female Circumcision So Awful?

On the surface, female circumcision sounds like sexual abuse: it is the removal of a young woman's clitoris practiced by some African cultures as an initiation ritual. While FGC (female genital cutting) has been roundly condemned by many Western women, several African scholars will be arguing in favor of the ritual » 11/30/07 5:40pm 11/30/07 5:40pm