Jewel Thief Gets 6-Carat Diamond Stuck In Large Intestine 

A jewel thief was caught when the diamond she stole from a jewelry fair in Bangkok refused to vacate her body. Jiang Xulian and a male accomplice allegedly switched the 6-carat diamond for a fake gem when they asked to take a closer look. The two were attempting to fly out of Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport with the… »9/13/15 4:30pm9/13/15 4:30pm

The Next Frontier in the Weed Business Is Sick, Old Dogs

Given how much Americans love their pets and how often they express that love by spending large amounts of money (not criticizing; I own a quadruple-decker cat tower), it was only a matter of time before somebody started selling cannabis treats for sad sick old dogs. Welcome to the latest frontier in marijuana… »4/13/15 7:45pm4/13/15 7:45pm