Canadian Legislator Tries to Make Their Anthem More Gender Neutral

Our neighbors to the north are considering an alteration in their national anthem, "O Canada," that would make the song more inclusive of half their population. » 3/19/15 11:50am 3/19/15 11:50am

There Are 'Haunted' Dolls for Sale Online and They Cost a Fortune

Collecting dolls is intense enough. Collecting HAUNTED dolls? That's really graduate-level eccentricity. And yet, if that appeals, the Internet is ready and waiting to facilitate your interest. » 3/16/15 6:30pm 3/16/15 6:30pm

Florida Woman Tries to Back Out of Home Purchase By Blaming Diet Pills

Everyone except teetotalers has done something they regret while under the influence of mind-altering substances. So I'm sure we've all got at least a little sympathy for this Florida woman claiming she mistakenly purchased a home $100,000 underwater while fucked up on diet pills. » 3/11/15 3:30pm 3/11/15 3:30pm

Radio Station Begins Playing Christmas Music 24/7

Attention, attention, this is a War on Christmas special bulletin. Though it is fucking March and we should be turning our attention to sandals and sunglasses, there's a new radio station planning to play Christmas music YEAR-ROUND. » 3/05/15 5:30pm 3/05/15 5:30pm

Scratch Your Fairy Tale Weirdness Itch With This Rediscovered Story

The house that mouse built is about to debut yet another retelling of Cinderella. If you're hesitant to feed into the Disney Industrial Complex, however, you might consider as an alternative some recently discovered tales from the same period. » 3/03/15 1:15pm 3/03/15 1:15pm

Hot Flash About Hot Flashes: They Could Stick Around for 14 Years

A little news about menopause: A new study suggests symptoms like hot flashes could last as long as 14 years. At this moment, considering the brutally cold weather seeping through my window panes, that almost sounds like something to look forward to. Almost, but not quite. » 2/16/15 6:10pm 2/16/15 6:10pm

Judge: Claiming Homosexuality Is a Curable Disorder Is a Big Fat Fraud

Somebody with legal authority finally said it: People who say homosexuality is a disorder they can fix—for a small fee, of course—aren't just appalling but also full of shit. » 2/13/15 12:30pm 2/13/15 12:30pm

Bookstore Seeking to Return 'Heartfelt Letter' Found in a Used Book

People tuck all sorts of things into books and promptly forget where they left them. Which is probably how one Boston bookstore ended up with "heartfelt letter" it's now trying to return to its original owner. » 2/06/15 8:30pm 2/06/15 8:30pm

Fashion Before Duty: Cop Retires Rather Than Give Up His Cowboy Hat

In Pinedale, Wyoming, a tiny burg in the Western part of the Most Western State of Them All, a new sheriff has imposed a dress code unto his charges, in that he wishes them to no longer wear cowboy boots and hats while they're on the clock. This was seen as such an extreme move, one police officer retired in protest.… » 2/04/15 7:10pm 2/04/15 7:10pm

Science Tries to Explain Why Cats Love Boxes So Damn Much 

As any cat owner who's ever received a package can attest, cats fucking love boxes. But why? Why can't I open an Amazon package without my cat parking his furry ass inside his new cardboard castle and staring up at me like, "What're you gonna do about it, loser?" » 2/04/15 3:10pm 2/04/15 3:10pm

New York AG: Most 'Herbal Supplements' Are Complete and Utter Bullshit

The New York attorney general has ordered GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart to clean house. He says they're selling fraudulently labeled, bullshit "herbal supplements" that've got to go, pronto, and he also wants to know exactly how they're verifying the products they carry. » 2/03/15 9:50am 2/03/15 9:50am

Cute Valentine's Day Gift: Adopt a Hissing Cockroach in Your Ex's Name

If Valentine's Day happens to catch you slumped in the ruins of a catastrophic breakup this year, fret not! Because the San Francisco Zoo has your back. For the price of a small donation, you can adopt one of their scorpions or hissing cockroach's in your ex's name. » 1/26/15 5:50pm 1/26/15 5:50pm

Kid Skips Birthday Party, Mom Invoices Kid's Parents $25

If there's anything that proves definitively that hell is other people, it is surely childrearing. For instance: A couple of parents whose kid skipped out on a classmate's birthday party were recently invoiced £15.95. » 1/19/15 1:40pm 1/19/15 1:40pm

The Clothes People Searched For This Year Sucked

Ebay has compiled a list of its most searched, most purchased fashion of 2014 and the top results do not bode well for the state of global ambition. You could almost predict it, but they were: overalls and yoga pants, reinforcing the notion that fashion went to complete shit this year and everyone gave the hell up. » 12/31/14 2:10pm 12/31/14 2:10pm

15 Arrested for Pumping Business Through Breast Milk Prostitution Ring

In China, breast milk is considered to be a luxury with healing properties. While some may find the idea of drinking breast milk disgusting as adults, the milk trade is booming in China and 15 were arrested on Monday in connection to a prostitution ring that provided customers both milk and sex. » 12/30/14 1:10pm 12/30/14 1:10pm

California Health Officials Issue Alert After Porn Actor Contracts HIV

Two weeks after the porn industry lost an appeal against a law requiring performers to wear condoms, California public health officials have announced that they believe a porn actor contracted HIV on a shoot out-of-state. An actor who tested negative for HIV just before the shoot had unprotected sex with several… » 12/30/14 11:30am 12/30/14 11:30am

Feds Seized $450K of Designer Fakes at JFK This Month

In an effort called "Operation Bad Gifts," US Customs & Border Protection uncovered a planeload of designer fakes at John F. Kennedy Airport's Cargo Center between this month, reports WWD, continuing a December-long crackdown that has now reportedly yielded an estimated nearly $3 million of counterfeit goods. » 12/26/14 3:10pm 12/26/14 3:10pm

Have You Considered Feeding Your Christmas Tree to a Goat?

Are you staring mournfully at your Christmas tree, wondering what in the hell you're going to do with a six-foot-tall piece of dead vegetation? Well, if you live in Reno, consider feeding it to a herd of goats. » 12/26/14 10:00am 12/26/14 10:00am