L7 Just Played Their First Show in 18 Years

This is excellent: L7’s original lineup reunited for the first time in 18 years, playing a sold-out show at the Echo in L.A. According to Pitchfork, the bulk of the setlist was from 1992’s Bricks Are Heavy, the best grunge album ever written. Finally, this wave of ‘90s nostalgia bring us something awesome. »6/01/15 3:10pm6/01/15 3:10pm


All of the Mad Men Loose Ends Matthew Weiner Wanted to Tie Up But Didn't

Today, a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly tweeted out a photo of what he claims was Matthew Weiner’s “wish list” for the end of Mad Men. With the knowledge of hindsight, it’s about as tragically unfulfilled as a a four-year-old girl’s “Dear Santa, Please bring me a pony” letter. »5/29/15 6:30pm5/29/15 6:30pm

Diablo Cody’s New Show Puts Female Protagonist Front and Center

Diablo Cody will be taking her talent of creating complex female protagonists to television — Fox, the surprising new home for relatively smart network TV, has put into production a series called Prodigy, written by Cody and produced Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s (that's The O.C. producers Josh Schwartz and… »10/05/13 5:30pm10/05/13 5:30pm

Christopher Guest Has a New HBO Show Starring Chris O'Dowd!? Yes!

We all love Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, so let's just get all the bragging about how we watched Spinal Tap in our mother's wombs and laughed so hard our mom went into premature delivery and we had to be hooked up to all sorts of special tubes for months and got in the local paper for being a "miracle baby"… »3/18/13 10:15pm3/18/13 10:15pm

Hillary Clinton Cannot Resist HGTV’s Sexiest Home Improvement Show

Hillary Clinton, according to a speculative article in the New York Times, is looking forward to her hard-earned retirement after traveling the world almost nonstop for the past four years like a more badass, sunglasses-on-the-private-jet version of James Bond. Whatever will she do next, now that so many doors seem to… »11/11/12 3:30pm11/11/12 3:30pm

New Cleopatra Show on NBC Offers Another Chance to Get Cleopatra Casting Right

According to Deadline, NBC has outbid two other networks for a period drama called Cleopatra, which is about Cleopatra, who was an Egyptian famous for having a high school quartback/cheerleading captain relationship with Mark Antony. Of course, anyone who knows their ancient world history is familiar with the… »8/12/12 12:00pm8/12/12 12:00pm