CDC Confirms That It's the Pee in the Pool That Makes Your Eyes Red

With swimsuit season finally here, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided to brighten your summer by releasing an important new report which confirms that yes, your gross red swimmer’s eyes are caused by the large amounts of pee in the pool and not by chlorine as previously thought. »6/24/15 3:15pm6/24/15 3:15pm

This Horizontal Shower Is Dope as Hell and You Need It Immediately

According to Homes and Hues, this decadent shower was designed by Sieger Design, with interior design by Scienbein + Pier, and it includes six separate shower heads that produce six different "water bars" over a reclining space. Oh temptress, thy name is six separate shower heads that produce six different "water… »11/11/13 5:45pm11/11/13 5:45pm

Abortion Ruins the Communal Shower Experience, Says Rick Santorum

Like an irritatingly tenacious but not particularly cool or tough Batman villain (Penguin), greasy uterine crusader Rick Santorum refuses to accept defeat. Normally, I'd recommend ignoring everything the man says on account of the fact that he's ridiculous/irrelevant, but every once in awhile, there's a spike in his… »8/07/13 5:40pm8/07/13 5:40pm