Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens are Your New Sandy and Rizzo

Live musicals aired on TV are now a thing, so it's not a surprise that one of Broadway's most popular hits, Grease, is next in succession. » 1/18/15 3:00pm 1/18/15 3:00pm

Most Moviegoers Are Women, Even Though Movies Treat Women Like Garbage

The MPAA just released their annual report on box office statistics, and women continue to make up the majority of filmgoers. Women make up 52% of movie theater audiences and we purchase 50% of tickets. So why are women so poorly represented on screen and behind the scenes? » 3/26/14 6:30pm 3/26/14 6:30pm

Laugh So You Don't Cry at This New Web Series on Hollywood Racism

Amani Starnes is a working actress who happens to be racially ambiguous. Hollywood is basically the Baskin-Robbins of racism (so! many! flavors!). Mix the two well and you get a forehead slapping concoction that would be hilarious if it weren't tragically true. You get the new web series "The United Colors of Amani." » 9/20/13 6:30pm 9/20/13 6:30pm

Why There Are No Women on the Highest Earning Comedians List

Yesterday Forbes released its annual list of the top-earning comedians, and it's a fucking sausagefest consisting of 9 men and 0 women and 1 Daniel Tosh, who technically counts as two men due to his supercock. What gives? Where are all the wit women at? » 7/12/13 4:20pm 7/12/13 4:20pm

Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actresses Are All White, Mostly Middle-Aged

For the longest time, the film industry largely regarded aging actresses as disposable, creating roles for younger women who hadn't yet outlived their use of being innocent and fertile and sexually appealing to that all-important male audience to which studios catered. But the tide seems to be turning. The average age… » 6/19/12 6:00pm 6/19/12 6:00pm

Demi Moore Won't Be Playing Gloria Steinem

If you were bothered and confused by the choice to cast Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem in the new Linda Lovelace biopic, I've got some good news and some bad news: The good news is that Moore has whippetted her way out of the part. The bad news is that the part's been recast. So who's going to play the feminist icon? » 1/27/12 7:15pm 1/27/12 7:15pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, the legends are dominating our TV sets. Liza Minnelli laughs at her encephalitis! Barbara Walters eats a feather boa! Elaine Stritch yells at a studio audience! Aretha Franklin scratches her butt! » 9/24/10 5:10pm 9/24/10 5:10pm

The Man On Nikki Finke's "Most Powerful Women In Hollywood" List

Elle magazine's Women in Hollywood issue includes a "Power List" by Nikki Finke — the woman (who writes like a man") behind Deadline Hollywood. The blog Women In Hollywood zeroes in on Finke's list, which has one man on it. » 10/20/09 12:30pm 10/20/09 12:30pm